Wesley and I on our honeymoon!

Friday, March 25, 2011

first box packed

I have been busy with work and "thinking" about packing :-) but I finally got started and got my first box packed today, I have actually finished 5 boxes now. The clothes and shoes in my closet are sorted through and packed. So that really only leaves just about everything else... This weekend is going to be super busy, I'm going out with my fabulous friends Ryan and Kayla tonight, work 24 tomorrow, church then driving to Raleigh on Sunday, orientation til 5 then driving back to Hickory on Monday, then my LAST day of work at EMS on Tuesday! Then most likely spending most of the day Wednesday and Thursday finishing packing. Hopefully Friday going back to Raleigh to move everything then back to Hickory on Saturday for my Aunt Kim's wedding!! Seems like I'll be tied up til next weekend but I'll try to make it back at some point this week so I can share some honeymoon pictures!

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